The Heirloom

Please note that all three books have been combined into ONE book…
The Heirloom.
The Heirloom 
will be sectioned into three parts. The three books described on this website are the basis for this new book. I thank you for your patience while we update this site.

The Heirloom is a children’s chapter book for ages 8-11. This book was written to help children increase their self-awareness and discover who they truly are.  The main character, Indigo, is a 10-year-old girl who takes an inner adventure and awakens to her unique gifts and the world around her.  Along the way, she builds self-esteem, transcends bullies and negative thoughts, and finds strength for fearless self-expression. Indigo’s experiences will encourage kids to open their internal door and journey into the beauty and mystery within.

Self-discovery is a challenging concept for children to grasp, and it will be immensely helpful for parents, teachers, counselors, and health care providers to read the Heirloom Trilogy with the young reader. As adults, I encourage you to share your personal experiences on your road to self-discovery.  Take a moment to reflect upon the mystical symbolism within the stories.  I feel adult interaction will help children understand they are not the only ones who’ve felt lost within their own bodies.

It is a magical time on planet earth.  Adults are increasingly pursuing enlightenment and awakening to their inner wisdom.  So kids, why not step through the doorway into your mysterious wonderland.  Embrace your true essence and express yourself with grace and courage.  Who knows, you might even inspire others to do the same.